Down the Spiral Stairs


Artist’s Statement

People often go through their daily routines without noticing the beauty around them.

My paintings should transport you. Through my work, I share what I have seen, what I have sensed, and what I have felt to enhance their perception of all that surrounds them. Beyond the physical, I seek to convey the drama, mystery, and complexity of nature and humanity. Aiming for a nuanced simplicity – and a compelling image – I do not merely copy what I see down to the unessential detail. That could be achieved more efficiently with a camera than a brush.

Although my work has been given titles such as Impressionistic-Realism, Urban Impressionism, Contemporary Realism, and Contemporary Figurative Fine Art, the unique style and sensibility in my work is not due to subject matter or a particular technique, but comes from the purest part of me, the part that has not changed since childhood. My paintings are as reflective of who I am as what is before me, offering vignettes from the here and now that are informed by the past but not weighed down by it, creating vital and timeless images.

Sam Rosenthal Fine Arts Gallery
616 Atrium Drive #16 Vernon Hills, IL, 60061
Open by Appointment · 773.213.0500 · sam@samrosenthal.com

In Plein Air, Monica Kass Rogers, October 1, 2019
Large As Life, Monica Kass Rogers, August 3, 2019

Q&A with Sam Rosenthal
The Handshake Interview, Jacob C. Singer, April 14, 2014

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