Artist’s Statement

People often go through their daily routines without noticing the beauty around them.

My paintings should transport you. Through my work, I share what I have seen, what I have sensed, and what I have felt to enhance their perception of all that surrounds them. Beyond the physical, I seek to convey the drama, mystery, and complexity of nature and humanity. Aiming for a nuanced simplicity – and a compelling image – I do not merely copy what I see down to the unessential detail. That could be achieved more efficiently with a camera than a brush.

Although my work has been given titles such as Impressionistic-Realism, Urban Impressionism, Contemporary Realism, and Contemporary Figurative Fine Art, the unique style and sensibility in my work is not due to subject matter or a particular technique, but comes from the purest part of me, the part that has not changed since childhood. My paintings are as reflective of who I am as what is before me, offering vignettes from the here and now that are informed by the past but not weighed down by it, creating vital and timeless images.

Q&A with Sam Rosenthal
The Handshake Interview, Jacob C. Singer, April 14, 2014

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